Understanding the exact science behind particle dispersion can be complicated and take many years to learn all there is to know. When you think you have learned all that you need to know from the equipment, to technology, to chemical formulations, new advances change everything.

Dispersion – “the distribution and concentration of particulates suspended in a liquid in which remains homogenous with progressively decreasing volumes insofar as the number of particles per unit liquid volume is statistically representative.”

What is Dispersion Equipment?

Manufactures require special dispersion equipment in their production that is able to mix solid with liquids and liquids with liquids. The goal is also to achieve very fine particles, so that there is a higher and even dispersion with in the liquid. Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. builds customized milling equipment that processes wet materials that range in viscosity. They specialize in particles size reduction and dispersion technology.


  • Horizontal Media Mill
  • SHRED in-line rotor stator
  • Batch Mill
  • Multi-shaft Mixer
  • Lab Mixer
  • Planetary Mixer

Dispersion equipment takes particles and breaks them down to create homogenous mixtures of materials. When particles are grouped together their total surface area is not accessible by the liquid materials. As you break them down and make the full surface area exposed you see an increase in durability, color strength, and coverage.

  • For example look at coatings when you add a dry pigment to the mixture it clumps together. These clumps of particles that form are referred to as agglomerates. When the particles stick together only a fraction of their surface area is being touched by the liquid. As you break down the agglomerates the surface area of the particle that is touched by the liquid increases as it is separated from the rest.

To be sure the particles do not re-agglomerate a dispersant, surfactant, or pigmentation aid is introduced to the formula. These coat the individual particles as they are being sheared apart by the dispersion equipment. You have to be sure that you are using the right additive that keeps your particles separated and that all depends on the materials you are working with.

Dispersion equipment can increase the quality of your product and also help to increase your production. Contact sales@cmcmilling.com to speak with a representative about what CMC can do for you.