Countries such as Mexico have cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Puebla that are home to chemical, electronic, paints, and ceramic manufactures. All these various industries have something in common; each industry uses wet grinding mills at one point in the production process.

Wet grinding is also referred to as wet milling, it is a process that takes particles and processes them with custom equipment to reduce them down to nanometer sizes. Manufactures use wet milling machines, for many reasons but the main one is to be able to take their raw materials and mix them together to reduce particles and disperse them throughout the liquid.

Years ago in Mexico companies used basic ball mills to produce products but as demand for better quality products increased the need for better processing equipment followed. Mills evolved from simple balls mills, to vertical mills, and eventually horizontal mills. Main reason for the evolution of the mills was because the demand for finer smaller media began to increase in order to achieve a smaller particles size.

In a vertical mill, as the media got smaller and lighter it would float to the top, and create a barrier that the liquid could not flow through. The horizontal design did not keep the media from floating in the liquid but it was evenly distributed across the chamber instead of being concentrated in one area. The velocity from the rotating shaft in the interior of the chamber keeps the media moving in a circular pattern through out the inner chamber.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. headquartered in Fleetwood, PA, USA, offers custom processing solutions and manufactures wet grinding mills for countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentine, and so many more all over the globe. Every piece of equipment that CMC technicians build is customized to meet the customer’s needs. Engineers and technicians on staff have more than 25 years of experience in building wet grinding mills that can process a range of applications that vary in viscosity.

The Supermill Plus is a horizontal media mill with a front screen design that allows materials to be fed in the rear of the chamber. Inside the chamber the high velocity of the inner shaft rotating with fluidizer discs and spacers circulates the media. As the liquid flows through the chamber particles are broken down by the tight spaces that the media forms creating a shearing action, by impact or collision with the surface areas inside the chamber. The high velocity also evenly disperses the particles in the liquid or slurry.

Benefits to horizontal milling:

  • Highly efficient use of small amounts of media
  • Media is distributed evenly throughout the vessel
  • Media can be as small as .25 mm and as large as 2 mm
  • Greater yield with little product loss
  • Maximum color strength and gloss durability
  • As much as 300% reduction in process time
  • 5% reduction in raw material costs
  • Minimal contamination, clean-up, and solvent loss
  • Resists abrasion
  • Relatively low operation, control and maintenance requirements

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