Products such as agro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and sealants are created from raw materials that have to be milled with different types of equipment. Manufactures may have to only use one machine to process the materials but many use pre-mixers, dispersers, and media mills to take the large particles or agglomerates and reduce them down to sub-micron sizes. This action of taking large particles and reducing them in a liquid is what is referred to as wet grinding or wet milling. Wet grinding materials is optimal for processing hazardous and non-hazardous materials due to the wide range benefits that it has to offer compared to the other alternatives.

Setting up your facility for wet grinding chemicals can be more expensive than dry processing but it offers many more benefits. Wet milling machines provide a highly controlled process for particles size reduction in liquid materials and forming homogenized mixtures of particulates.

Benefits for particles size reduction:

  • Products are more resilient to outside elements
  • Creates durable and stronger materials
  • Can produce byproducts that can be used for other products
  • Higher quality dispersions
  • Provides better and consistent coverage when applied to surfaces

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. provides toll milling services and manufactures mills for all your wet grinding purposes. They have years of experience in processing chemicals with experienced technicians on staff who have handled a wide range of products. Every mill CMC manufactures is customized for each company and integrated with latest technology available on the market.

CMC has incorporated their SMART package into many of their Batch Mills, Planetary Mixers, and Horizontal mills. This system utilizes sensor technology to take readings and display them on a screen that is enclosed in a control panel box. Depending on how you want your SMART Package configured, will determine how the package will be set up and designed for your specific needs. With this computerized technology you can input your parameters, such as temperature limits, flow settings, and coolant levels. When the sensors readings are outside of the set parameters, it will either adjust the speed of the mill or shut down so an operator can address the issue.

If you are interested in machines for wet grinding chemicals contact CMC at to speak to a representative. Or speak to them about the custom processing services they offer, if you are not ready to have a full scale production in house.