Processing raw materials in a liquid and slurry for particle size reduction can be a more energy and labor intensive process compared to processing of dry materials. Dry milling can reduce particles down creating a fine powder but the wet milling of particles produces a much finer particle size making it possible to use for a wider range of products. The greatest advantage to this process is that it takes those small fine particles and distributes them evenly throughout the liquid materials.

  • There are two types of dispersion; 1) Solid particles dispersed in a liquid, known as a homogeneous blend of materials, 2) liquid particles are suspended in another liquid creating an emulsion.

Ceramic particles are hard solids that can form together creating clusters that are known as agglomerates. In products like ceramic paints these agglomerates are randomly dispersed in groups until the bonds that hold them together force them to part. Specialized equipment has been developed that takes those bonds and breaks them apart under a lot of force and pressure. The pressure can be from a shearing action, colliding with surface in the mill, or by hitting against one another.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. manufactures horizontal media mills that have been designed to use very small media and attrition to shear particles down. The horizontal chamber, outfitted with parts to handle the abrasive ceramic materials, is filled with media. As the inner shaft circulates the discs they agitate the media to flow around inside the chamber. As the liquid is pumped into the chamber it flows through the media and the small spaces that are formed, forcing the agglomerates to squeeze through causing them to breakdown.

Ceramics has become popular materials in many products because they offer many benefits compared to other materials available. When ceramic particles undergo a wet grinding process they form very strong products, that are able to with stand very high temperature, and are better at conducting energy for electronics. There are many more advantages to products that are ceramic based and new discoveries, of how to use them, are made all the time.

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