Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. manufactures a variety of immersion mills that can grind particles, increase dispersion, and reduce agglomeration. Our multi-shaft, tri-shaft, and dual shaft mixers are designed to mix and blend high viscosity materials together to form homogeneous blends. Our mixers are equipped with a center mounted low speed blade that sweeps the tank walls and high speed shaft(s) in the center of the sweeping blade.  The sweeping blade pushes and folds the material into the center as it scrapes product from the inner tank walls,  feeding it towards the high speed shaft(s).  It is designed with wetted stainless steel parts for long lasting durability.

Multi-shaft mixers are used to mix medium to high viscous materials that are greater than 30,000 cps. Single shaft mixers have limitations with high viscosity products, the close tolerance between the low speed sweeping blade and tank make it possible to blend the higher viscosity materials. The high speed blade will reduce particles, disperse them throughout the material and blend it all together. Variable speed control and its durability allows for the multi-shaft mixers to process a variety of applications.

Tri shaft mixerTri shat shaft & Blade


  • Heavy-Duty 304, 316 or 316L options available
  • Vacuum Rated Mixer/Hood combination
  • Sweep Blade with side wall scraping
  • High Speed Blade with dual mixer blade options available
  • Rotor Stator or Emulsification head available
  • Mix Tanks jacketed for heating/cooling (ASME Coded vessel available upon request)
  • Air/oil lift cylinder (electro/hydraulic lift available upon request)
  • Special Coatings available on mixing shaft components
  • Available in dual shaft or tri shaft


  • Pastes
  • Adhesives
  • Silicone
  • Electronic Paste
  • Printing Inks
  • Sealants
  • Cosmetics
  • Resin Blending

Each multi-shaft can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. They are available in a triple blade or dual blade set up, and different materials of construct. Contact to talk to a representative about our multi-shaft mixers or call 610-926-0984.

Multi-Shaft mixer sales sheet.