Whether you need paints, inks, coatings or other specialty chemicals in test-batch sizes or an entire truckload, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC) can help you take your product from concept to market rapidly and cost-effectively. CMC is a leading manufacturer of mixers and wet grinding media mills for particle size reduction and offers a diverse range of capabilities to handle materials processing for a wide variety of industries and products. We offer 25 years of experience in toll processing coatings to fulfill your manufacturing requirements.

Toll processing, also known as toll milling, toll manufacturing, or tolling, allows your business to outsource milling, mixing, blending, and other processing/manufacturing processes to reduce manufacturing costs. Toll processors like Custom Milling & Consulting offer multiple mills, mixers and high-speed dispersion units that can be customized and fine-tuned to fit your manufacturing needs, thus increasing your capacity while minimizing your investment in expensive equipment.

CMC is a global leader in dispersion technology, and manufactures horizontal media mills, basket mills, planetary mixers and other equipment for mixing, blending, compounding and particle size reduction. We also offer a wide range of analytical testing services from particle size distribution to viscosity and color analysis. Customers come to us to take advantage of our specially designed and modified milling equipment, scale up production, evaluate different coating methods, or test market a small batch of material before investing in capital equipment.

Our technical staff will take the time to understand your unique application and requirements, and help you develop coatings that will reduce your costs and improve the appearance and performance of your products. Run small batches of a new formulation to analyze the results or test-market a product before putting it into full-scale production. Or troubleshoot your existing process, enlisting our help to reformulate a composition that is not meeting your end-use requirements.

CMC is able to produce a wide spectrum of highly specialized coatings, dyes and colorants in test batches of a half-gallon to 200 gallons and production-sized batches up to 2,000 gallons to meet your exacting proprietary formulations and specifications. Experienced in a vast number of industries, our processing services can eliminate particle agglomeration, reduce the particle size of raw materials in a liquid medium, and provide solutions to challenging customer problems.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. has the capacity to handle solids and liquids in bulk, to provide accuracy in the mixing of raw materials, to manipulate properties such as viscosity, gloss level, and color, and to adapt to meet your special material testing requirements. Our depth of experience is a great asset to our toll clientele. For toll processing of coatings (solvent, water based, emulsions, dispersions) and other materials, contact us to find out more about our proven, cost-effective solutions.