The CMC Supermill PLUS™ horizontal media mill is manufactured by Custom Milling and Consulting, Inc. in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania USA.  This Supermill milling machine is a workhorse in the grinding mill industry and offers the latest in horizontal milling technology and innovative design features to meet the most demanding requirements for finer particle sizes and higher quality dispersions.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC) is a leading supplier of media mills, grinding mills and basket mills, and an innovator of dispersion technology. We offer durable and efficient processing equipment such as the CMC Supermill Plus™ media mill and the CMC Duplex Supermill Plus™ media mill which is designed with two chambers on one common frame.  The product passes through the first chamber and directly into the second chamber without the need of a surge tank or separate feed pump.  Supermill is one of the most productive and efficient ways to address difficult custom processing applications.

CMC Supermill PLUS™ Features

  • Heavy-duty power frame with chemical resistant epoxy coating
  • Spirally-cut cooling jacket
  • Flexible process design for discrete pass, high flow re-circulation and cascade milling
  • Easily removable large-screen media separator that accepts grinding media to 0.1mm and as large as 4.0mm
  • Unique Fluidizer and Fluidizer “D” milling discs for balanced intensive attrition
  • Minimized product temperature and machine wear
  • Variety of engineered construction materials, including stainless steel, wear-resistant alloys, ceramics, engineered polymers (nylon & UHMW), and polyurethane
  • Control options from manual to fully automated
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in the USA
  • Pressurized cartridge-style mechanical seal that requires no coolant pump

CMC Supermill PLUS™ is ideal for paints, inks, ag-chem products, pigment dispersions, liquid colorants, textile dyes and chemicals. It is flexible, economical and offered in a variety of sizes and construction materials to meet your process needs.

The CMC Batch Mill offers efficient, one tank milling of a wide range of formulations, due to its dual shaft/dual speed control configuration.  CMC Double Planetary Mixers are the ideal choice for mixing and kneading viscous pastes, gently blending shear sensitive formulations or drying and granulating powders.

If the capital investment for precision, high-energy media mills and skilled labor is too expensive for your business, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. also provides industrial toll processing services for the automotive, agricultural, pharmaceutical, ceramics, paper coating, power and electronics, specialty chemical and various other industries. Our multiple mills, mixers and high-speed dispersion units can be customized and fine-tuned to fit every situation, and we are able to process small-scale batches of one gallon to production-size batches of 2,000 gallons.

CMC will put our experience to work to meet your unique milling requirements and achieve your desired product at the maximum yield. We will help you choose the most appropriate wet milling process and/or equipment to achieve your desired results.

We can use our in-house toll milling services to help you test our equipment by producing production size batches. Contact us today at 610-926-0984 to test the Supermill milling machine yourself in our Technology Center.