Many organizations understand that mechanical failure and equipment repairs can greatly impede their production. The slightest amount of downtime in any kind of production can potentially cost manufactures valuable time and a good amount of revenue. There is one thing on the manufactures mind when production is disrupted, and that is to get back up and running as soon as possible.

Unfortunately on some occasions it is not that easy, depending on the type of machinery and parts required for repair, it can cost hundreds even thousands of dollars to make all the necessary repairs. It you do not have the capital on hand, or maybe you have older equipment that uses special spare parts, it can mean a long period of down time. To prevent this from occurring it is important to perform routine maintenance and inspect the machinery for any potential issues. This practice can take time but when compared to the lack of productivity it can be minimal.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. has a full inventory of milling machine spare parts stocked in-house to get your equipment back in operation with limited down time. With older machines that are no longer available it can be hard to find parts, a team of engineers can reverse engineer those parts for you. With a large inventory of commonly replaced parts at our facility, CMC is able to ship most spare parts the same day the order is placed. With highly trained technicians on staff, CMC goes the extra mile to ensure a quick and speedy response time; many customer issues are resolved within 24 hours.

CMC supplies replacement spare milling machine parts for a variety of processing equipment including:

  • CMC Supermill Plus and other horizontal media mills
  • CMC batch mill and other immersion type basket mills
  • Double planetary mixers
  • Rotor-Stators
  • Ram Discharge press
  • Multi-shaft mixers
  • Premier Mill parts

If your mill is down for a prolonged period of time because you are waiting on specialty spare milling machine parts, to have it serviced, or it is completely out of operation, CMC has the solution for you. We can help you keep up with productivity with our wide range of services:

  • Equipment Rentals – A few CMC mills are available for renting while you machinery is undergoing repairs.
  • Refurbishment or Reconditioning – New machinery can be expensive but there is a cost effective alternative, and that is getting the equipment reconditioned to factory standards.
  • Purchase of new equipment –New mills, mixers, and dispersers can be purchased and customized per a customer’s specifications, needs, applications, and intended use.
  • Toll milling/contract processing – CMC provides toll milling and custom processing solutions for the manufacture of customer’s products including the acquisition of raw materials, production, packaging and labeling, storage and transportation, quality control and analytical testing, and full process documentation.

When your milling or process equipment is in need of parts or repair, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. provides expertise and professionalism, that is expected from an industry leader, to get the job done quickly. As a the manufacturer of Supermill Plus horizontal media mills, basket style media mills and other process equipment and toll milling/custom processing service provider, CMC can accommodate all of your company’s processing needs.