Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. manufactures wet milling equipment. Our technicians and engineers have more than 25 years of experience in designing and assembling the machinery. We feature the Supermill Plus horizontal media mill, basket mills, SHRED inline rotor and stator and much more. Our specialty is in particle size reduction and increase dispersion in a liquid or slurry.

Advantages of particle size reduction and increased dispersion:

  • Longer lasting materials
  • Higher conductivity of metals and ceramics
  • Increased resistance to corrosion
  • Larger surface areas
  • Mixing materials is easier with uniformed particles
  • Increases stabilization of emulsions
  • Physical appearance of certain applications is improved
  •  Absorption rates increase

To achieve the finer particles can be a time consuming process. Years ago there were mills that would run for hours even days to reach the desired results. They were cumbersome taking up a lot of space in the manufacturing building. Horizontal media mills and the CMC SHRED has been able to change all that by cutting down processing time and making smaller equipment that does the same amount of work.

The SHRED is an inline rotor and stator that has a robust durable design that is capable of milling different applications. It is able to take particles with stronger bonds and shear them down before going through a secondary process. For example emulsions can be difficult to break down and stabilize because it is two materials that were not meant to be mixed together. The high velocity of and close tolerance with in the chamber increases dispersion.

As the rotor is spinning with in the stator it creates a self-pumping action that sucks the materials in through the slots of the stator and pushes it out of the outlet valve. When the particles are fed through the very narrow gaps between the rotor and stator they are sheared down. Pressure applied to the particles is what causes them to break and disperse.

An initial pre-grind can decrease the time it would take a media mill or mixer would need to produce the product.

With the self-pumping action, versatility and durability make the SHRED and ideal machine. You can incorporate it with your existing processing system or use it as it on milling machine. It can be transported from one area to the next with ease. Contact us as or 610-926-0984 to speak to a representative about our inline rotor and stator; SHRED.