Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC) manufactures wet milling/wet grinding machines for companies all over the globe. They lead the industry in knowledge and expertise when it comes to different techniques for processing a wide range of wet/liquid materials. CMC has transferred that into the manufacturing of their batch mills, planetary mixers, horizontal mills and mixers. In addition to equipment, they provide toll milling, also known as custom processing or toll manufacturing, to a wide range of industries and supplies spare parts for all their mills and specialty mills.

CMC offers durable long lasting equipment and supply’s premium milling machine replacement parts that increase productivity and limit any downtime. Manufacturers do not want to experience any down time due to the affect it has on the business and their bottom line, making it very important to get the equipment up and running as soon as possible. It is one of CMC’s priorities to make sure that your production stays in full operation and to be able to get parts out to as quickly as possible. We even recommend keeping a stock at your own facility of commonly replaced parts for when you perform routine maintenance on the mill or it shuts down. To be out of production for any long period of time can increase the risk of affecting your overall revenue; it can cost less money in the end to have the parts on hand.

CMC is located in Fleetwood, PA and our facility has over 35,000 square feet of space for manufacturing materials, production of equipment and inventory of replacement wet grinding machine parts. If you have specialty mill or an old mill that is no longer in production, you do not have to worry because CMC can reverse engineer the part for you. Rotor/stators, batch mills, screens, mixing blades, discs, and spacers are just a couple of parts we keep in stock.

Our parts are available in several materials of construct; such as stainless still, ceramic, urethane, nylon, and tungsten carbide. The design of our machines comes from engineers with years of experience in creating milling machines; each wet grinding machine can be fitted with parts that have been designed to process your specific formula. Since not all formulas are the same and vary in viscosity our engineers understand this and will provide consultation to the customer to ensure they produce a quality product.

If it is discovered that the mill will be down for an extended period of time and you still need to keep up with production levels, CMC offers multiple solution for you to have high productivity and still be cost effective.

  • Equipment Rental – CMC has a few select mills that are available for rental while your machine is being repaired or serviced.
  • Refurbishment – Sending out an old machine or piece of equipment for reconditioning to factory standards can be a fraction of the cost of a new mill.
  • Toll milling/Contract Processing – Enlisting CMC to produce the product for you can keep your business operating or assist you with in an increase in business.

If you need to order any replacement parts for your wet grinding media mill, need maintenance on your machine, or to discuss solutions for you production while your machine is out of service, contact us.