CMC Ram Press takes mixed materials and discharges it from the mixing tank by applying pressure to the material by using a close-clearance, sealed follower plate technology on a double acting hydraulic piston. This piece of equipment is used with high viscous materials that do not just pour out of the tank.  The close-clearance will ensure that all the material is being pushed to the bottom limiting product waste.The interchangeable tanks system allows for quick and safe and easy clean up.

Dbl Planetary MIxer Ram Press

Ram Press

Lift for Ram

Transport Cart


  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Adjustable hydraulic pressure
  • Heavy duty “H” style frame with hinged interlocked safety guards
  • Electric foot operator with up/down selector switch


  • Thick Film Inks
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Potting & Encapsulation Products
  • Metal, Ceramic, Dental Pastes
  • Composite Materials
*The transport cart is available for 50 liter tanks sizes and up.