Grinding particles down to microscopic sizes in a liquid form can be a long process and at times difficult depending on the materials. Years ago companies used ball mills and attritors but over time these became bulky and ineffective as the demand for finer particle sizes increased. Wet grinding and milling equipment has been designed to create better dispersions, homogeneous blends, and finer particle sizes.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC), manufactures wet grinding, milling and dispersion equipment. They manufacture the SHRED, and inline rotor stator that can shear, homogenize, reduce, emulsify, and disperse liquids or slurry.

Many single stage dispersers do not get all the liquids to feed through the blades. SHRED prevents product bypassing because of the tight rotor stator set up that is closely fitted with in the small compact chamber. The rotating blade sucks in the liquid and through the stator openings creating a high shearing action. As the particles are fed through the close tolerances they are forced to disperse. The inline rotor stator offers versatility making it ideal for many wet material applications.

SHRED can be incorporated into your current processing system. It can be used in a premix stage, as a pump, or a standalone mixer.

An inline rotor stator is able to handle materials that have particles that are difficult to break down. Its heavy duty durable materials can grind down those hard to shear materials before you run them through another milling machine. It will make it easier for mill to perform the wet grinding process, like a horizontal media mill.

CMC unit is completely portable giving you the chance to transfer it from one machine to the next with ease. It takes up minimal space on the plant floor with its small design and horizontal lay out.


  • Paint & Coatings
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Confectionary
  • Ink & Pigments

For more information about the SHRED contact us to speak with a representative about how we can customize a inline rotor stator for your manufacturing needs. Also check out the rest of our equipment for a full scale wet grinding production. E-mail: and Phone: 610-926-0984.