High shear rotor stator mixer takes the milling and grinding process to the next level. It can be incorporated with your existing processing equipment or be set up as it’s own wet grinding machine. Companies that specialize in reducing particles in liquids will benefit from the efficiency and increased productivity that this equipment can provide. Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. manufactures a high shear rotor stator mixer called, SHRED.

Processing wet raw materials can take time and money. Shred can be used to premix materials so that it causes less wear and tear on the mills reducing the process downstream. When you run product through the small compact chamber that contains the rotor stator it shears down particles.

The small stainless steel compact chamber houses the rotor stator and is on a horizontal axis. In the interior of the chamber the rotating action sucks in the materials and is fed through the fine slots of the stator. Particles are sheared down by the close tolerance spaces there is a even dispersion because the cylindrical design leaves no areas for product to get caught in or flow by with out being fed through the rotor stator. This also creates a self-pumping action.

Benefits of the SHRED:

  • Form homogeneous blends
  • Emulsify liquids and particles
  • Reduce particles with a shearing action
  • Particles are dispersed evenly and consistently
  • Reduce processing time
  • Use as a mixer by itself
  • Easily portable from one area to the next
  • Small compact design takes up minimal space
  • Can be used as a pump

CMC provides horizontal media mills, batch mills, and mixers that can process a wide range of applications. If your company would like the opportunity to run a test batch on our equipment prior to making a large investment our Pilot Lab is available. It is set up with our lab size mills and equipped with the latest state of the art equipment.

If you would like more information about the SHRED, any of our other equipment we offer, or our lab testing facilities contact us at sales@cmcmilling.com.