There are many challenges that manufactures encounter today with wet raw materials. The need for finer particles and higher quality dispersion are on the top of that list. To be able to achieve both can be a long process, involve several steps, and require expensive equipment. Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. manufactures wet milling/grinding equipment that can help you meet the challenges.

The SHRED is an inline rotor stator that can shear down particles and be incorporated with your current processing system or act as a standalone milling machine.

High shear disperser is designed with small compact robust chamber that houses a rotor stator that is closely fitted inside. The cylindrical design and the minimal space in the interior chamber do not give to areas where the product can sit or pass through without being ran through the rotor stator. The small area does not leave much room for a lot of product to go though so as the particles are dispersed they only have limited space to go to, in turn increasing the dispersion.

Agglomerates and particles are grouped together by bonds and these bonds can be difficult to break apart.  To save on time a high shear disperser can act as a pre-grind making it easier for another mill to break down particles to even smaller sizes. SHRED’s horizontal design on the inline rotor stator gives manufacturers the ability to store it in smaller spaces and is portable making it easy to incorporate into your existing processing system.

How does the SHRED work?

The stator is stabilized with in the interior of the small chamber and is closely fitted inside. It has multiple slots leaving spaces for product to flow through. Inside the stator the rotor is spinning at a high velocity moving the material around. As the particles in the material are pushed through the close tolerances between the rotor and stator they are forced to break down due to the pressure. Dispersion continues as the rotor is moving the materials and the small compact area provides an even dispersion.

SHRED can be a mixer, create homogenous blends, shear particles, act as a pump, and a pre-grinder. If you are interested in the high shear disperser contact us at to speak to a representative today.