Automation has transformed the world over the last two centuries. In the 1800’s many products were made and produced by hand. Machines worked by cranking, pulling or pushing levers and handles. With the advances in technology it is now possible to punch a few buttons to program a couple of parameters into a computer and the whole system can run with little supervision.

This advancement has changed the way dispersion equipment manufacturers operate. It is vital to businesses that they incorporate the latest technology out there from the software, to parts, to assembly of the machine. In order to build the best equipment on the market you need to integrate new techniques and be progressive at the same time. Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. does exactly that with every piece of milling equipment they manufacture and with their toll milling services.

CMC manufactures dispersers, mixers and media mills that process wet raw materials to increase particle size reduction and dispersion. Engineers are continuously taking the time to understand formulations and technology to build a better piece of equipment. As dispersion equipment manufacturers they take the time to meet with customers to assess the wants and the type of applications they plan on processing. From that point they will customize the equipment to optimize the process and quality.

Dispersion equipment manufacturer like CMC incorporates the latest technology to make the milling process quicker and more efficient. The SMART Package has been designed to make it possible to enter in a few set controls into the computer and let the mill operate on its own. At that point the operator just needs to monitor the mill and check the readings from the sensors to be sure there are no warnings or the that mill has shut down.

Benefits to the SMART Package:

  • Increase production time
  • Operators be free to more things at once
  • Less product waste
  • Keep better up to date maintenance logs
  • Higher product consistency

Many products and materials on the market need to process for long period s of time, with the possibility of running for several days before the results are achieved. With the CMC SMART Package it frees up time for the operator to work on more than one thing at a time. If something happens to the mill or the formula, the mill will stop and the operator will be able to pinpoint the issue much quicker with the readings from the SMART package.

For more information about dispersion equipment, mills and the SMART Package contact us as to speak to a representative.