Toll processing is also commonly referred to as contract processing, tolling, toll milling, toll conversion, toll manufacturing, or custom manufacturing.  

It is a process that can be defined as performing a specific service on the product of a client.  Naturally, the company would charge a fee (more commonly referred to as a toll) to perform these services. Generally, a company would provide a manufacturing or processing service in exchange for the toll from the customer.  A contract processing agreement usually involves a long term contract that provides benefits to both the processor and the company.

Toll manufacturing companies can prove to be a very beneficial consultant and resourceful asset for any business or working professional to have under their belt.  This is because tolling companies are very experienced in processing a wide range of materials for any number of different industries.  They can provide a company with very rich information including any difficulties or extenuating circumstances they might encounter when processing a specific type of material.  This information is extremely valuable because it can help the customer to decide important details regarding formulation and process of the material including moisture content, quality control, and size distribution.

Types of Toll Processing Services

Toll milling companies are known to cover a fairly wide range of services.  Some of the more common services that they perform include particle size reduction, milling, shredding, grinding, blending, classification, packaging, compounding, warehousing, mixing, storage, particle agglomeration, dispersions and quality analysis.

What are the Benefits of Toll Processing?

  • No extended lead time for delivery or installation
  • No capital investment
  • No advanced engineering skills necessary
  • No additional permits
  • No equipment-related maintenance expenses
  • No extra floor space
  • No extra/spare parts
  • No additional employees
  • Freedom to adjust production levels at any time
  • Affordable and predetermined costs
  • Extremely profitable business relationship
  • Fast completion times
  • Opportunity to work with a team of experienced professionals

Reasons to Consult a Toll Processing Company

The concept of outsourcing support for a business is something that is continuing to become more and more popular.  Business owners are making the decision to outsource work to toll processors for two main reasons: cost efficiency and expertise.  This is because a materials processing service provider can move a project from the development stage all the way to full scale production.

Shortfalls within a business are another major factor companies consider when deciding to enter into a toll milling contract.  A business or manufacturer may not always possess the man power, time, specialized equipment, storage space, or facilities that they need in order to perform a specific operation on raw materials.  When these shortfalls prohibit production or interfere with the efficiency of operations, a manufacturer or business owner can contract the work out to a toll processor in order to get the job completed.

If exorbitant costs, lack of expertise or other shortfalls are keeping your company from realizing its maximum potential, consider Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. for your toll manufacturing partner.  As a global leader in dispersion technology, CMC is also a leading supplier of horizontal media mills, basket mills and other process equipment.