Custom Milling & Consulting has been leading the way in particle size reduction and dispersion equipment since 2002. With experts and technicians with more than 25 years of experience, CMC gives customers the best results in wet milling manufacturing

Wet milling/grinding is a method that takes liquid mediums and slurries and processes it through machinery that is designed to break down particles and increase dispersion while eliminating agglomeration.

This process can be very costly, so companies will look for ways to cuts cost by either outsourcing or purchasing a used milling machine for in-house production. Buying used machinery can give companies the opportunity to purchase a machine for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

At CMC we will refurbish used equipment by replacing the worn out parts with new ones or even slightly used parts, depending on your budget. Many companies take advantage of these services by purchasing a used machine they find or take their old worn down machine and send it to CMC to be overhauled.

Our staff of engineers and technicians will assess the machinery and determine what parts can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced in order to get the machine operating like new.

The benefits to buying used:

  • It is the fraction of the cost, sometimes saving more than two thirds of a new machine
  • Equip the machine with the latest technology
  • Brand new parts for better quality product
  • Shorter timeline for manufacturing than building a new machine

Used milling machines can be hard to find and if you do not have experience in manufacturing wet milling machinery than you may not know what to look for. CMC has years of experience in the industry and will help you determine if the machine is worth rebuilding or if other options maybe a better solution. Our line of inventory does consist a few used milling machines that are ready to be refurbished and are for sale.

If you are worried about keeping up with production while you’re used milling machine is being refurbished, take advantage of CMC’s toll milling services. At our state of the art facility we have a production area that is equipped with the latest machinery we manufacture and technology. If you enlist us for our milling services you will experience no down time in production.

If your machine needs to be refurbished or you want to discuss one the used machines we have in inventory, contact us by calling (610) 926-0984 or email us at

Here is a list of the machines we currently have in stock.