Used media mills, particularly horizontal mills and basket mills used for the milling, mixing and blending of wet applications, are a great, cost-effective alternative for companies looking to purchase material processing and particle size reduction equipment.

Wet mills utilize media milling technology to separate agglomerated particles, reduce particle size and provide even dispersions.  Grinding media is placed into the grinding chamber of a horizontal mill or the basket of a basket mill and circulated at high velocities to process materials and achieve a desired particle size.  A media separator is used to isolate and contain media within the mill during the extraction of a product.  Screen sizes vary based on the diameter of the media used in processing.  Media for fine particle reduction generally span from 4.0mm to 0.1mm and smaller for grinds in the nanometer range.

This wet grinding technology can be used for the processing of materials in a variety of industries including paints, inks, coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products and other specialty chemicals.  The process is ideal for handling products of varying viscosities, including high viscosity products such as adhesives, sealants and composites.

Benefits of Used Media Mills

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. offers pre-owned, refurbished mills at competitive prices.  Our high quality, reconditioned mills offer the same uncompromising standards of a brand new machine at a fraction of the cost.  Mills are priced to fit every budget with significant discounts of 25-40% off the original list price.

CMC’s reconditioning process provides the same quality and reliability of new machines, offering performance, safety, and durability that can be reconfigured to meet your specifications.  Rebuilt mills are updated to include the latest processes, control panels and safety features.   NEMA explosion proof PLC control panels are available for use with hazardous materials.  Additional options are available to suit specific requirements and applications.  Refurbished mills also come with a one year standard warranty for guaranteed results.

For manufacturers looking to purchase new milling equipment, used mills offer the following features:

  • All the advantages of a new machine at a fraction of the original cost
  • Reconditioned to original factory standards
  • Updated process and safety features
  • Complete system recalibration
  • Reconfigured to meet specifications
  • Customizable options available
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Various control options available
  • One year warranty (select models)
  • Materials of construction available in ceramic, urethane and plastic to avoid contamination in sensitive products

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. is a global supplier of media mill, basket mills and other process equipment.  As a leader in dispersion technology, the company utilizes its expertise and experience in material processing to offer contract processing and toll milling services.  Click here for a list of our current inventory or contact us to request a quote for equipment or toll milling services.