Custom Milling & Consulting has been leading the way in particle size reduction and dispersion equipment for years. With a staff of engineer and technicians with more than 25 years of experience in the wet grinding industry we provide new or used grinding mills.

Wet grinding machinery has been around since the 1800’s, as time has advanced so has the technology and the equipment for manufacturing liquids. Machines for processing liquids or slurry were known as ball mills. These machines would run for long extended periods of time up to days at a time before the product was ready. As people created new products and demand for better quality products increased, the machines began to change. The process was sped up with more powerful engines, smaller media and fluidizer disc technology.

Different tools were developed to handle a wider range of materials with different viscosity like:

  • Ceramics
  • Ores/Minerals/Metal
  • Pigments/Dyes
  • Food
  • Agrochemistry

For machines to handle the range of materials, what the parts are made from can make a big difference. Processing ceramics needs parts that can stand up to abrasive materials that will not wear after minimal use. As time goes on the machinery and is parts can wear leading to the whole machine eventually being replaced. To purchase a new piece of equipment can be expensive and cost a company a large part of their budget.

CMC offers companies an alternative solution, the ability to purchase a used grinding mill. We have in our inventory several machines that can be refurbished for a fraction of what a new machine would cost. Or you can have your current machine upgraded and stripped down to the base to be reconstructed like new. We would assess what parts needed to be replaced and which ones we could keep. All the parts that are still in peak operating condition would be recycled for the rebuild.

Benefits to buying used grinding mills

  • Save on costs to use in other areas of production
  • Do not need to train technicians how to operate a different piece of equipment
  • Reconditioned to the original factory standards
  • Upgraded technology
  • One year warranty on (select models)
  • Equipped with the latest safety features

Custom Milling & Consulting supplies to countries all over the globe and can upgrade your used grinding mill. Our engineers will use their knowledge and expertise to rebuild your mill to operate just like a new piece of equipment. If you would like to talk to a representative about any of our used mills in inventory or to refurbish your current mill contact us at or call 610-926-0984.