Toll production, also known as toll milling, contract toll processing, toll manufacturing or tolling, is best described as performing any number of various processing services, including blending, grinding, milling and mixing, on a customer’s product.  The customer, in turn, pays a fee or “toll” for the services rendered.

A toll manufacturer can provide services for a single step in the production process or offer the complete fabrication of a product from the acquisition of raw materials to packaging and shipping of a finished product to the end user.  Products are manufactured to a customer’s specifications and formulation requirements.  All necessary measures need to be taken to ensure confidentiality and protect intellectual property.

Production processes vary in terms of raw materials used, complexity, series of operations involved and turnaround time depending on the desired product.  Labor, specialized tools, machinery and mechanical processes, chemical processes and formulation may all be utilized at different points in production.  Toll milling services are used by a wide variety of industries and applications including paints, inks, coatings, and other specialty chemicals, particularly agricultural chemicals.

Benefits of Toll Production

Toll manufacturing services are best suited for companies that lack in-house production capabilities, or those whose processes or volume would be more expensive to manufacture in-house.  Costs for labor, equipment, raw materials and floor space/facility expansions must be considered with in-house production.  Additional factors to be taken into account during the decision making process include knowledge of engineering processes, quality control, analysis and production volume.  Toll processors have the knowledge and facilities necessary to manufacture desired product qualities and volumes at rates that tend to be much more cost-effective than the original manufacturer.

CMC’s Process Services Division offers a variety of benefits over in-house production including:

  • State-of-the-art Technology Center with customer demo laboratory, product development, technical support and quality analysis
  • 36,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space
  • Purchase of raw materials
  • Equipment and processes customized to product specifications
  • Flexibility to adjust production volumes as needed
  • Labeling and packaging into containers of various sizes
  • Storage of raw materials and finished products
  • Various shipment options available
  • No capital investment required
  • Full documentation of processes provided

The CMC Equipment Division offers a full line of process equipment including horizontal media mills, basket mills, planetary mixers, ram discharge presses, custom designed turn-key packages and more.  Our machines are equipped with the same technology utilized in daily operations by our Process Services Division.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. has a diverse range of capabilities necessary to handle all of your toll milling, dispersion equipment, particle size reduction and general wet milling needs.  Our commitment to excellence, product quality and innovative technology makes CMC the ultimate custom processing partner.