In recent years the state of Ohio has grown and many different industries have set up production here.

Over a hundred years ago paint and soap were the two industries that dominated the area, but since then industries have expanded to include building materials, rubber products, chemicals, plastics, and electrical equipment. Demand for different products and services has expanded as well.

Custom Milling & Consulting, located in Fleetwood, PA, provides toll processing services to many of these industries in the Ohio area.

Our wet milling (also known as wet grinding) services can eliminate particle agglomeration or reduce particle size of raw material in a wet medium. Our line of machinery and expert technicians we specialize in forming a homogenized blend of resultant particles.

The manufacturing facility is located on a few hours from Ohio and is 36,000 sq. ft. providing plenty of space for production and storage. Many industries in this area are producing wet materials and can benefit from contract manufacturing.

Benefits of Toll Processing:

  • Experience in handling hazardous materials
  • Production costs are steady and predictable
  • Support with research and development
  • Quality control analysis and process documentation
  • Manufacture has all the permits necessary
  • No downtime or production shortfalls
  • No emergency repairs or storage of spare parts
  • No capital investment required for equipment
  • 24 hour schedule
  • Quick adjustment in production based on demand

CMC also offers companies the opportunity to test out their products before going into a full scale production. Our lab testing facility gives customers the chance to come in with their product and use any of our machines from the Supermill Plus horizontal mixer, to basket mills, lab mills and more.

We offer the following:

  • Laser particle size analysis
  • Spectrophotometric color analysis
  • BET surface analysis
  • Viscosity measurements
  • Density/ specific gravity/ solid
  • PH measurements

If you are interested in discussing our toll processing services in the Ohio area, or if you would like to schedule a lab testing call us at (610) 926-0984 or email