Toll Processing in New York is a service that is provided to companies that produce products but want to outsource the production to another company. Custom Milling & Consulting specializes in wet milling/grinding technology and applies that to their toll milling services and the manufacturing of machinery.

Cities in the New York area like Buffalo, Syracuse, New York City, and Albany house companies that produce paints, inks, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, coatings and pigments.

Several of these companies can benefit from the advantages that toll processing can provide.

Benefits include:

  • Affordable and predetermined costs
  • Do not need to add additional staff or train and certify current staff
  • Manufacture takes on the liability and risk
  • Flexibility with production levels
  • Shorter production time
  • Capital investment is not required
  • Trained and expert technicians on staff monitoring production

New York is known around the country for creating and producing specialty products that you cannot find anywhere else.  Many of these companies that produce specialty products are not set up to have a full scale in-house production facility. They will look to find a company to partner with to manufacture their product. Outsourcing production will limit their liability with industrial hygiene, reduce safety hazards and decrease the environmental impact.

The customer will provide the formulation with its specifications to the manufacture to be milled. There is usually a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement signed by both parties to protect the property of the company. When everything is settled the manufacture will provide mixing, blending and processing services.

Our 36,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Fleetwood, PA, is equipped with state of the art machinery including, batch mills, horizontal media mills, planetary mixers, and lab mixers.

Technicians on staff has years of experience working with wet milling machinery. They have the technical knowhow to address any mechanical failure or to address formulation issues; such as overheating, agglomeration and more. The machines in the milling plant are equipped with the latest technology for increased particle size reduction and dispersion.

Before you invest time and money into a full scale production CMC’s lab testing facilities are available to produce batch sizes as small as .5 liters up to 200 liters for a pilot test.

Contact us to discuss toll processing services in New York (and to schedule a lab testing) by calling (610) 926-0984 or email us at