Toll processing, also known as toll milling, custom processing, or toll manufacturing, is the process of outsourcing the production of raw materials and other manufacturing processes to another company for a fee or “toll.”

New Jersey leads the United States in areas such as chemical manufacturing, printing, agricultural, and electronics… And Fleetwood, PA based Custom Milling & Consulting provides wet milling/grinding services for toll processing to the area.

Our experts and technicians have more than 25 years of experience.

They have the training and knowledge to customize our machinery and equipment to produce high quality products. Our wet-milling machinery can take your products and produce micronized particles much finer than those results you see with dry milling or dry grinding. With a variety of specialized mixers at our finger tips we can form homogenized mixtures of the resultant fine particles. Finding the right equipment to mix your product will not be a problem with the different machines we manufacture here at our facilities.

When your company experiences a fluctuation in the demand of your product CMC’s 36,000 sq. ft. facility can accommodate the influx of orders.  

There are many benefits to outsourcing to a toll manufacturer:

  • Reduced/Predictable production costs
  • Experience with hazardous materials
  • Research and development support
  • Quality control analysis and process documentation
  • No equipment or capital investment required
  • No emergency repairs or spare parts
  • No down time or production shortfalls
  • Additional permits are not required
  • No facility expansion necessary
  • 24 hour production schedule
  • Flexible production volume based on need

As your company in New Jersey outgrows the need for toll processing and decides to build a production area, CMC can streamline the transition.

We can provide our manufacturing services so that you can produce your product on the same machinery as you did with us.

We have qualified engineers on staff that can create, design, and customize the equipment to the exact specifications of the customer. They can answer any technical questions you have during the process of building the machine to any you have after delivery and installation.

Our line of machinery ranges from Batch Mills, Multi-Shaft Mixers, Lab mixers, Supermill Plus horizontal mills, and more. Get in touch with us today at 610-926-0984 or email!