One of the largest states in the United States has experienced rapid growth and development in the last several years.

Texas continues to see industries like agriculture, chemical, military and aeronautical keep growing and expanding.

Toll Processing in Texas is one of the solutions that companies are utilizing to keep up with getting product manufactured fast enough and stay ahead of the continuously growing markets. This process consists of companies sending their product to another company to be manufactured for a fee or “toll”, it is sometimes also known as contract manufacturing, toll milling, and contract processing.

Custom Milling & Consulting are experts with more than 25 years of experience in the milling industry, specializing in wet milling or wet grinding. CMC has machinery that is specially designed to process material of a liquid medium or “slurry”. This machinery can reduce particles to submicron sizes that you will not see in the dry grinding process.

Companies in cities like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin can benefit from outsourcing manufacturing instead of setting up an in-house production, for the following reasons:

  • Production flexibility based on demand
  • Lower production costs that are predetermined
  • Processing expertise involving difficult or hazardous chemistries
  • Mandated regulatory permit compliant
  • Analysis of particle size reduction and feasibility
  • Technicians on staff for maintenance and inventory of spare parts
  • Full documentation provided of the entire process

Another benefit that CMC offers with toll processing services to Texas companies is access to lab testing facilities. It is available for potential customers to bring in or ship product for test batches and current customers who want to run a new formulation for a trial testing.

Our lab technicians will assist you with formulation development and address any issues with your formulation that may occur during the milling process. There are batch mills, lab mixers, horizontal media mills, and planetary mixers in our production facility.

Custom Milling & Consulting will take care of the whole process from procurement of raw material, milling product, inventory, storage, packaging and shipping to the end user. Take advantage of our full line of services because we want to see your company succeed.

Contact us to schedule a lab testing or to talk to a representative about what solutions we can provide for you by calling (610) 926-0984 or email us at