In addition to our extensive range of precision milling equipment, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC) offers toll manufacturing services to assist clients with getting their products to market rapidly and maintain quality and consistency while avoiding a huge capital investment in equipment and skilled workers.  CMC has decades of experience with toll processing dyes, inks, pigments and other colorants to fulfill your manufacturing requirements.

In today’s manufacturing world, there are few liquids and powders that are not dyed. Yet, wet milling of colorants is a more energy-intensive, labor-intensive process than dry milling, and requires more expensive milling equipment. Labor and energy costs are high, and there are challenges to producing finer and finer particle sizes, in particular in the areas of automotive paints, pigments, specialty coatings and pharmaceuticals.

Toll manufacturers, on the other hand, have multiple mills, mixers and high-speed dispersion units that can be customized and fine-tuned to fit every specification. Toll grinding of organic pigments to nanometers increases their strength, requiring a lower quantity of inks, paints or dyes, and thereby reduces manufacturing costs.  In effect, the out-sourcing of dye and colorant production to a toll manufacturer, such as CMC, provides your business with supplemental manufacturing capacity.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. is a leading supplier of media mills, grinding mills and basket mills, and an innovator of dispersion technology. In addition to custom and toll processing, the company provides inventory management, packaging, labeling, storage of finished products, and a wide range of other services. We also provide a wide range of analytical testing services from particle size distribution to viscosity and color analysis. Clients can test formulations or evaluate the viability of processes to determine the optimal process parameters before scaling up to large production.

CMC will put our experience to work to meet your unique milling requirements and for specialized colorants, dyes, liquid dyes and pigment dispersions.  In fact, our 25 years of experience in the fine grinding of pigments led to the development of our complete line of Premium Mulch Dyes & Colorants. These dyes and colorants require little to no mixing prior to coating due to our superior suspension of pigment, and color strength is always within 3% or less on every batch produced.

The CMC toll milling division provides custom processing of batch sizes from 1 to 2,000 gallons. We are experts in color chemistry, and are capable of toll processing dyes to match your exact color specifications with exceptional consistency from batch to batch. Our processing services can eliminate particle agglomeration or reduce the particle size of raw materials in a liquid medium. Our R&D laboratory, warehouses, drying and milling capacities, logistics and quality control laboratory have given CMC the competitive advantage in the marketplace. Get in touch with us for more information about how our colorant manufacturing solutions can benefit your business.