Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc., in Fleetwood, PA, offers contract, toll and specialty chemical manufacturing for such demanding technologies as paints, coatings, adhesives and high performance composites for aerospace, agriculture, automotive, electronics, ceramics, pharmaceutical and consumer goods applications. CMC specializes in particle size reduction and nano-materials, and is highly experienced in toll processing for the chemical industry.

Manufacturers in the chemical industry face many challenges in today’s competitive business environment. Small particle sizes cannot be achieved with traditional mills, but installing precision, high-energy media mills can be cost-prohibitive. Even small wet milling and mixing installations can require additional equipment, such as tanks, mixers, pumps, filters, electronics and plumbing, and the space to accommodate them. Consequently, our toll customers take advantage of our specially designed and modified milling equipment to ramp up production, explore the feasibility of new products, or test market a small batch of material before investing in capital equipment.

In addition to being a leading toll manufacturer, CMC is a global leader in dispersion technology, and manufactures horizontal media mills, basket mills, planetary mixers and other equipment for mixing, blending, compounding and particle size reduction.  Our advanced milling technology and processing services can eliminate particle agglomeration and reduce the particle size of raw materials in a liquid medium. Toll manufacturing also enhances the areas of safety, industrial hygiene, catastrophic incident prevention and off-site/on-site environmental responsibility.

Reasons to Consider Toll Processing

  • No capital outlay
  • Predictable costs
  • Lack of specialized equipment and skilled manpower
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Milling, mixing, particle reduction on short notice
  • Greater uniformity and consistency of production
  • State- of-the-art analytical capabilities
  • Well-equipped quality control laboratory
  • Distribution logistics and private branding
  • Strict adherence to regulatory requirements

With 25 years of experience toll processing for the chemical industry, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. provides both technical expertise and a proven track record of success. We offer broad-based experience with chemical toll manufacturing services, such as grinding, milling, micronization, emulsification, and de-agglomeration.

Due to the intricate formulations, blending of products and chemicals, and the complicated processes required in the chemical industry, outsourcing these services to CMC offers significant savings over in-house production. In addition to custom and toll manufacturing, we can provide inventory management, packaging, labeling, storage of finished products, and a wide range of other services, giving you a single point of access for your project requirements.