Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc., in Fleetwood, PA, is a leading supplier of media mills, grinding mills and basket mills, and a global leader and innovator in dispersion technology. The company also offers extensive custom and toll processing services for wet-milled applications. We can help you move your concepts from the lab to the production floor.

If your business is in the automotive industry or supplies parts and materials to the automotive industry, then consider Custom Milling & Consulting as your partner for all your toll processing needs.

Milling of a product is achieved by the wet milling or dry milling process. Dry milling generally cannot break apart a product to conserve its parts for other uses. Wet milling involves additional steps, but the process is able to break a product down into more components, and into finer particles, allowing for the production of a greater variety of byproducts. Wet milling is a more energy-intensive, labor-intensive process, and requires more expensive milling equipment, but can be far more profitable for manufacturers in the end. However, the capital investment for precision, high-energy media mills and skilled labor can be too expensive for many businesses.

CMC’s toll processing capabilities include:

  • Design engineering & consulting
  • Complete analytical capabilities
  • Milling for one- or multi-pass operation
  • Wet milling for nanomaterials and ultrafine particle size reduction
  • Particle classification & reduction
  • Blending both powder & liquid products
  • Compounding any size or complexity of formulations
  • Air classification & mixing
  • Color matching
  • Analytical lab support
  • Quality control for highest product quality
  • Research & development
  • Packaging, warehousing and other allied services

CMC’s processes for particle size reduction in solids contribute to paints, dyes, specialty coatings, epoxies, adhesives, sealants, ceramics, solders, fluxes and catalysts. Services cater to a wide variety of markets, such as the automotive, marine, agricultural, electronics, and specialty chemical industry. Our multiple mills, mixers and high-speed dispersion units can be customized and fine-tuned to fit every situation, and CMC is able to process small-scale batches of one gallon to production-size batches of 2,000 gallons.

In terms of sophisticated equipment, the CMC Supermill PLUS™ horizontal media mill is equipped with the latest milling technology and innovative design features. This workhorse media mill offers efficiency, flexibility and economy for the most demanding applications.  The CMC Batch Mill offers efficient, one tank milling of a wide range of formulations, due to its dual shaft/dual speed control configuration.  CMC Double Planetary Mixers are the ideal choice for mixing and kneading viscous pastes, gently blending shear sensitive formulations or drying and granulating powders.

At CMC’s Technology Center and Customer Demonstration Laboratory, you can test our wet processing equipment by producing production size batches or evaluate new product formulations and establish optimal process parameters for potential scale-up. Our fully equipped analytical lab provides the resource for complete quantitative and qualitative assessments of the samples processed in the demonstration laboratory. Whether your business is considering the purchase of wet milling equipment or is interested in toll processing your automotive materials, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc., will put its expertise to work to meet your unique milling requirements and achieve your desired product at the maximum yield.