Custom Milling & Consulting, with its expert technicians and engineers, has more than 25 years of experience in particle size reduction and dispersion equipment. We are global leaders in manufacturing of wet materials and continue to transform the wet milling industry.

Milling machinery and equipment can be very cost effective and companies do not have the space in their facility for an in-house production. Companies will look for another company to outsource the production of their products and materials. There are two types of services that companies can utilize to help get their product to market.

Toll Milling

A company will make the decision to seek out another company that has the machinery and equipment capable of taking their formulation and reproducing it on a larger scale. After the product is ready they will have it packaged in totes and sent back to the original company.  The original company is responsible for procuring the raw material and getting it to the manufacture as well as providing them with the formulation.

This process refers to the service performed on the customer’s product. There is a fee or “toll” charged to the customer and or contract is in place.

Contract Processing

Companies will choose to outsource the entire production of their product to another company. That includes the procurement of raw materials, mixing the product, inventory management, storage, and packaging and shipping to the end user will be the responsibility of the manufacture. The will also be able to assist with formulation development or creation depending upon the company. Manufactures usually have the ability to get materials at cheaper rates, are already certified to handle hazardous materials, and employees are trained in the whole process. There is a long term contract that is signed and agreed upon by both customer and manufacturer.

Benefits for both toll milling and contract processing are very similar:

  • Trained professional handling the materials
  • Flexibility in production levels
  • Documentation and analysis reports provided for ISO requirements
  • Necessary permits already acquired

In our 36,000 sq. ft. facilities in Fleetwood, PA there is a milling building, warehouse space, and spare parts storage space.

When you are choosing between toll milling or contract processing ask yourself, what is the right solution for your company.  Custom Milling & Consulting can provide all the services to you plus their knowledge, and years of experience in particle reduction and dispersion.

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