Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. has been in the toll manufacturing business for many years and continues to expand in areas of production and equipment manufacturing. The services we provide are also referred to as custom processing, contract manufacturing and toll milling. We specialize in processing wet materials for industries like the chemicals, automotive, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

What is toll manufacturing or contract manufacturing?

When a company creates a product in their facilities but cannot produce it in house due to lack of space or money, they will contract it out. Many companies when starting out or are testing a new product will have another company assist them with production. CMC has the knowledge, experience, 70,000 sq. ft. of space to accommodate a large full scale production.

The first step that both the companies take is to enter into an agreement that lays out the terms of the process. A set fee is agreed up, amount of product to be produced, timeline and what services they will be using offered by CMC, those services include:

  • Acquisition of raw materials
  • Reports for ISO certification requirements
  • Shipping and packing to the company
  • Packaging and labeling in the companies specified containers
  • Shipment to the end user

After all the terms are laid out and documents have been signed, CMC will proceed into full scale production. We will follow up with reports, test results, and analysis on every batch we produce. If we run into any technical issue our on staff chemist can assist if it is a formulation error. Our engineers and technicians can address any mechanical error. There are many benefits to toll manufacturing or contract manufacturing;

Benefits to Toll Manufacturing/Contract Manufacturing

  • No capital investment for large equipment
  • Safety regulations already in place
  • Fully trained staff of technicians
  • Certified in handling hazardous materials
  • Analysis test on every batch
  • Inventory of spare parts to keep production up and running
  • Pilot lab for trial batches
  • State of the art equipment

To check out what Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. can offer your company, contact us to set up a tour of our facility, schedule a pilot run or to speak to a representative. 610-926-0984 or