Toll manufacturing, commonly referred to as contract manufacturing, toll processing, toll milling or tolling, is a fee-for-service agreement in which a company manufactures products (or intermediaries used to produce a finished product) for a customer.  The production of goods requires the use of specialized equipment, tools, labor, processing or formulation.

The outsourcing of manufacturing services is often utilized for the mixing, blending and custom milling of various specialty chemicals.   Production processes, especially involving the manufacture of sensitive materials, tend to be rather involved and if not handled correctly can produce undesired, and sometimes hazardous, results.

Tolling can be utilized at any point in the production process from fabrication of an intermediary to the complete manufacture of raw materials into a finished product.  Custom processing services are used to manufacture products within various industries including paints, inks, coatings, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other areas where particle size reduction is required.

Manufacturers are constantly looking to improve product quality and streamline processes.  However, one of the greatest challenges manufacturers face in materials processing is minimizing production costs.  The purchase and maintenance of equipment, raw material, labor and energy are just a few of the many factors to consider with in-house production as they will certainly affect profitability.

Advantages of Toll Manufacturing

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. provides contract manufacturing and toll milling services for a variety of industries including paints, pigments, composites, adhesives and other specialty chemicals.  Our plant, located in Fleetwood, PA, has more than 36,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space to accommodate production of various sizes.  Whether processing a pilot-sized batch of .5 liters for formulation development or full-size production batches of 2,000 gallons, our qualified team of technicians is available to fulfill even the most stringent production requirements.

As a manufacturer of dispersion equipment, we understand the technology required to reduce particle sizes in a liquid medium and have the resources necessary to do so.  Our equipment division includes a full line of wet milling and processing machinery including horizontal media mills, basket mills, planetary mixers and high-speed dispersers that can be customized for the processing of various applications.

Additional benefits of toll milling:

  • No capital investment or maintenance of equipment
  • No additional labor, floor space or facility expansion required
  • Predictable costs with volume-based rates
  • Quality control testing and analytics
  • Full process documentation to meet ISO requirements
  • Quick turnaround
  • Production quantities can be changed to fulfill production needs
  • Purchase and storage of raw materials
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Storage and shipment of finished products

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. is a global leader in particle size reduction and dispersion technology.  Whether filling a production shortfall or launching a new product, our expertise in processing equipment and toll milling ensures viability and production specifications are met.  Our diverse range of capabilities makes CMC the single source for all of your wet mill and mixing needs.