Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC) is a leading supplier of media mills, grinding mills and basket mills, and a pioneer in dispersion technology.

We manufacture durable and efficient processing equipment in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania USA, including a variety of innovative milling machines for clients in China and around the world.

Milling of products is achieved by the wet milling or dry milling process, but wet milling can achieve ultrafine particle sizes that are not possible with dry milling or grinding.

In general, dry grinding will achieve particle sizes of 3 to 5 microns. Milling to smaller sizes requires wet milling. Today tiny is in, and new processing methods are shrinking our world; the trend is to produce nanoparticles.

Achieving such small particle sizes requires very different production approaches, and the behaviors of these materials can present greater challenges.  Small particle sizes cannot be achieved with traditional mills, but the costs involved with installing precision, high-energy media mills can be prohibitive for a business.

Even small wet milling and mixing installations can require additional premix equipment, tanks, mixers, pumps, filters, electronics and plumbing. And complications can occur, such as uncontrolled agglomeration (caused by high surface energy), fluctuations in density, and stresses from non-uniform drying shrinkage.

For these reasons, it is crucial to make the right decision about the type of milling equipment you need for your application.

Another consideration is that wet milling to such small particle sizes permits you to produce a greater variety of profitable by-products from your material. A good example is the production of ethanol from corn. Wet milling/grinding can break the corn into its four main components: starch, germ, fiber, and protein.

The germ can be sold for corn oil; germ and fiber can be sold for use in livestock feed. Excess starch can become high fructose corn syrup. And CO2 gas that collects during fermentation can be sold for carbonation to drink manufacturers. Thus, wet milling can actually be used to generate additional revenue.

CMC has met the demands of particle size reduction with our CMC Supermill PLUS™ horizontal media mill which is equipped with the latest milling technology and pioneering design features.

This media mill is efficient, flexible and cost-effective for the most demanding applications. Its sibling, the CMC Duplex Supermill PLUS II, is designed with two chambers on one common frame and offers one of the most productive and efficient ways to address difficult custom processing applications.

Our CMC Double Planetary Mixers are ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes, gently blending shear sensitive formulations, or drying and granulating powders. And the CMC Batch Mill line is a great example of efficient, one tank milling for a wide range of formulations. It has the flexibility to run media sizes as small as 0.5mm, 2.5mm, or larger if required, and is easily operated and cleaned.

With more than 25 years of expertise in process engineering and dispersion technology, CMC can customize equipment to a customer’s specific needs. We are committed to providing innovative wet milling technology to our customers for cleaner dispersions, finer particle sizes and highest product quality.

If you are interested in CMC’s innovative milling machines in China, including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Shantou or other cities in the region, get in touch with CMC today at 610-926-0984 or to find out more.