Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. (CMC) is leader in the manufacturing of wet milling/grinding machines. Types of machines that CMC manufactures are batch mills, planetary mixers, horizontal mills and more.

We offer durable long lasting equipment and supply premium milling machine parts to reduce your downtime and keep productivity up and running. One of our top priorities is to provide maintenance repairs, and find solutions for equipment malfunction or mechanical failures as soon as possible.

Many companies that have their own milling equipment know that when production is down due to parts or technical error, it can greatly affect your business. Consequences will follow if your company cannot get up and running in a timely manner, employees may have to work over time to catch up on production, orders will not be filled, and lose of customers.

In Fleetwood, PA, where CMC is located, we keep a large inventory of spare parts for many of the machines we manufacture.

If you have an older machine or another brand of specialty parts we can reverse engineer them and have them produced for you. When you place an order for parts and they are in stock we will overnight them for you. Some of the milling machine parts we keep stocked are, rotor/stators, batch mill screen, media, planetary mixing blades/gates, discs and spacers for the horizontal mills, seals, and more.

Parts that we supply are available in several different types of material; such as stainless steel, ceramic, urethane, nylon, and tungsten carbide. Your milling machine can be fitted with parts that are made from the different materials. The engineers on staff have years of experience in the design of milling machines and knowledge about what materials will work with various liquids and slurries.

If your machine is out of commission for an extended period of time and you are worried about your production levels, we offer multiple solutions for you to optimize productivity while still being cost effective.

  • Equipment rental: While you are waiting for repairs renting one of our machines can reduce the down time.
  • Refurbishment: If you already have a machine but do not have the capital for a new one then consider having an older machine updated with new parts and technology.
  • Toll Milling/Contract Processing: When your business grows and you need to fill more orders but may not have the space for a new machine we can manufacture the product for you.

If you need to order spare milling machine parts, need maintenance on your machine, or to discuss solutions for your production while your machine is out of service, contact us by calling (610) 926-0984 or email us at