Milling machine for sale by Custom Milling & Consulting.

In 2002 Custom Milling & Consulting began operation in Fleetwood, PA, milling material of a liquid medium or slurry for several different industries across the United States. We were a toll milling company, specializing in wet mixing/grinding; as we grew and expanded we made the decision to move into other areas.

The decision was made to create customized milling machinery with the latest technology in particle size reduction and dispersion that can stop agglomeration.

CMC’s expert engineers will work with you to build a machine that will meet your needs. The milling machines we sale are built upon request with settings and parts that are customized to give you the best results. Types of machinery we manufacture are available in a range of sizes and consist of;

  • Double Planetary Mixers
  • Supermill Plus – horizontal media mill
  • Lab mixers
  • Batchmill/Basketmill
  • Tri-shaft mixer
  • In-Line Rotor Stator
  • Ram Presses
  • And more

Customers have the ability to integrate the CMC SMART package to work with many of the machines. This computerized system makes the milling process run more efficiently and can increase production time. Enter a few key items of information into the unit using the buttons or touchscreen and let it run.

The technology uses sensors during the mixing process that can detect viscosity, speed, and temperature. The sensors in the system will send information to the control unit and make adjustment to the equipment as it needs.

Many companies do not have the capital to invest in new machinery CMC will take a piece of old machinery and refurbish it, by replacing parts and adding the latest technology to the machine.

We also have a stock of used milling machines for sale in our inventory. Besides used machinery we also carry a few used spare parts that have minimal ware on them, for a fraction of the cost of new ones.

If you want to get production up and running before your machine is available, enlist Custom Milling & Consulting for their tolling milling services.

Contact us to discuss what machinery we can build for you by calling (610) 926-0984 or email us at .