Toll Manufacturing also referred to as toll milling, contract manufacturing, or custom processing. When a company has a product that they want to produce on a large scale but not the facilities and equipment in-house they will look for a company to manufacture the product for them for a fee or “toll”.

Custom Milling and Consulting is a full service wet milling/grinding company that specializes in particle size reduction and dispersion. CMC has been in business since 1998 and officially obtained a facility in 2002 for large scale production capabilities. They are located in the northeast region of the United States in Fleetwood, PA and have experience in the automotive, agriculture, chemical, paints, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The process it takes to achieve fine particle sizes takes specialized equipment that can mix liquid materials or “slurry”. The machines are designed to take a product and reduce particle by agitating it at a high viscosity using shearing blades, rotor stator configurations or media mills. Equipment is made to work with different types of products that vary in viscosities. Our line of machinery includes basket mills, horizontal mills, planetary mixers, and in-line rotor stators.

Toll manufacturing services offered:

  • Acquisition of raw materials
  • Depending on production size a specified area of the facility for your product
  • Storage and inventory management of materials and finished product
  • Technicians and engineers on staff to consult with
  • Experience and certifications in handling hazardous materials
  • Lab/pilot testing for small batches
  • Assistance with formulation development
  • Packaging in your company specified containers
  • Shipment to the end user
  • Quality testing and analysis on every batch

Many companies choose to enlist toll manufacturing services for a wide range of reasons. The main one is no capital investment needed for machinery or to expand the facility for an in house production. It is cost effective to have another company because an agreement is set with predetermined costs and contract processors have worked out agreements with raw material suppliers. The manufacturer will take on the liability and be held responsible for product quality. Companies become limited on the amount of product they are able to produce but a company like CMC has multiple machines which give you the chance increase production with limited turnaround time.

With our state of the art lab testing facilities available to our customers and clients you can run test batches to ensure quality or produce a small batch of product to test it out on the market before putting it into full scale production. Our lab technicians will assist you with processing and analysis reports for your records.

If you are interested in speaking with us then please contact us to discuss how Custom Milling and Consulting, a toll manufacturing company, can service you.