Milling machines have been around since the early 1800’s and they have continued to evolve over the years. From basket mill, to planetary mixers, to horizontal mills, there are machines now that can blend all different kinds of products.

Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. (CMC), a leader in dispersion technology has taken their knowledge and expertise and designed the Supermill Plus®, a horizontal milling machine. We kept our customers in mind when we first began creating this machine and made it to meet their needs.

A horizontal milling machine is the right choice for companies when they need a closed system and a very fine grind.

If you are manufacturing pigment, inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, minerals, or ceramics the type of equipment you chose is important to your operation. Companies need to consider the performance, operating cost, and capital investment when they are choosing a machine.

With parts that can be changed and customized specifically for your mixing/grinding the Supermill Plus® is ideal machine for many industries. Urethane coated, ceramic, nylon and stainless steel are the different materials that the parts, media, and the inner shaft are available in.  The machine features a cartridge style seal requiring a no coolant pump, cooling jacket and much more. It also ranges in size for your convenience from a 1.5 liter up to 600 liters. (CMC can manufacture a machine with capable to handle larger volumes.)

The way the horizontal milling machine operation is fairly simple. Product is pumped from a tank into the grinding chamber/shaft, the discs inside rotate at a high density agitating the media. As the media is moving within the chamber it is shearing the surface of the material. The result is submicron particles and vertical mills can only achieve a 2 micron level, which causes difference in the product quality.

More advantages of horizontal media mills in wet milling include:

  • Efficient use of small amounts of media
  • Media is evenly distributed throughout the chamber
  • Media ranges in sizes from .25 mm to 2 mm
  • Greater yield with little product loss
  • Maximum color strength and gloss durability
  • As much as 300% reduction in process time
  • 5% reduction in raw material costs
  • Minimal contamination, clean-up, and solvent loss
  • Resists abrasion

CMC also manufactures a Duplex Supermill Plus® that increases production time and allows for the material to continually pass through the cycle without the need for a surge tank or spate feed pump. Usually there is larger media in the first chamber and smaller media in the second chamber for increased particle size reduction.

Custom Milling and Consulting, Inc. offers in-house, hands-on and classroom style training on milling equipment, as well as troubleshooting, spare parts and other services that will provide profitable solutions to common production problems.

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