Custom Milling & Consulting has taken its decades of experience in the wet milling and machine manufacturing and produced a Double Planetary Mixer.

With our 36,000 sq. ft. facility we are able to produce the machines and have spare parts readily available so there is limited down time in production for your company.

When companies were blending products with a lower viscosity, the machinery designed was not built to handle abrasive materials.

As time progressed, and advancements in blending of chemicals changed and evolved into different types of products, the demand for heavy duty machinery increased. People wanted machines like the DPM that are capable of handling more abrasive materials than your basic milling machines.

The design of the mixer allows for little waste of raw materials and high quality finished products. Two identical blades rotate on their own individual axes, while simultaneously orbiting the mixing vessel, produces thorough blending of the product. This is achieved by the blades mixing the material away from the outer wall and pushing it into the center.

These large mixers make it possible to mix and knead a variety of high viscous materials including, pastes, conductive sealants, pharmaceuticals, potting and encapsulation products, composite materials and more.

We have served a wide range of industries with our line of mixers, including:

  • Adhesives
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Plastics
  • Pigments

CMC’s DPMs offer a range of features, the versatile heavy duty design makes it possible to process materials from 100,000 to several million cps.

The precision machined tanks and blades leave minimal room between the wall and blades eliminating the need for sidewall scrappers.

Our units are vacuum capable allowing for deaeration and jacketed for heating and cooling to maintain temperature.

All the wetted parts are stainless steel, highly polished to facilitate cleaning and reduce risk of product contamination. With companies having limited space or a budget restriction they need to adhere by, we know that one size machine does not suit all. We manufacture machines ranging in size from .5 liter to 2,300 liters.

If companies do not have the space or the manpower to have their own machine, CMC has toll processing services and offers the ability for companies to produce their product without making a large investment.

Outsourcing production to our state of the art facilities gives companies the chance to be flexible in production.

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