Years ago, when companies first began blending and mixing liquids together to create their product, it was much easier. The liquid medium they had to work with was less complex.

Machines back then were built to meet standards, but as demand for finer materials increased so did the demand for machines and parts that could reduce particle size.  

New materials were formed that had a higher viscosity, people then needed a different type of mixer that could handle a thicker material. That was how the Double Planetary Mixer came into production.

Double Planetary mixer parts are versatile and have a heavy duty design that can easily process material from 100,000 to several million cps (centipoise). The different types of blades available for the machine offer people the ability to blend a wide range of products from:

  • Thick film ink
  • Conductive sealants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Potting and encapsulation products
  • Metal, ceramics, and dental pastes
  • Composite materials

Many of the machines out there have features that include a vacuum for deaeration and jacket for heating and cooling to maintain the temperature of the product.

The size of the machine, capacity, and parts can be customized depending on the need of the customer.

The capacity of the machines and tanks range from .5 liters up to 2,300 liters and all the wetted parts are stainless steel and highly polished to facilitate cleaning while reducing the risk of product contamination. For production of materials that are heavy we feature a complete line of Ram Presses that feature parts that use a close-clearance, sealed follower plate technology on a double acting hydraulic piston.

At Custom Milling & Consulting, our experts have extensive experience in manufacturing of wet milling machines and their parts.

We are here to provide you with any support you need, from installation to technical questions to repairs. We also keep a stock of spare parts in house so we can ship out replacements right away…

So you experience limited down time in the production of your product.

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