Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. has accumulated decades of experience and developed state-of-the-art custom processing facilities that make it possible to offer a complete package of particle size reduction and materials processing services.

CMC is an industry leader specializing in the production of wet milled materials to meet customers’ specifications for applications including paints, protective coatings, and specialty inks.

CMC’s custom processing services involve the wet milling, mixing and blending of applications medium, and can produce micronized particles much finer than those achieved by traditional dry milling or grinding processes.

We manufacture a specialized line of equipment dedicated to providing a variety of materials process services. Supermill Plus™ Horizontal media mills and Batch (basket) Mills utilize media mill technology to provide submicron and nanoparticle results, with planetary mixers and ram presses also complimenting the line.

Custom processing of raw materials is required by a diverse range of industries for a variety of applications.

CMC provides an efficient and highly controlled process for reducing particle sizes of customers’ materials, as well as specialized mixers that will help to form homogenized mixtures of the resultant fine particulates. Specialized equipment and materials processing facilities at Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. are capable of addressing a wide variety of applications and viscosities including the grinding, milling, mixing, blending, dispersing and deagglomeration of materials and blending shear sensitive formulations.

These wet-milling and mixing processes can be used to produce materials for a variety of industries and applications.

Industries utilizing CMC’s specialized contract manufacturing services include:

  • Producers of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Distributors of metal and alloy products
  • Adhesive and sealant manufacturers
  • Glass and ceramics producers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Packaging producers using plastics and polymers

In addition to providing toll milling services, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. has applied the process engineering and dispersion knowledge and expertise gained over 25 years of providing custom toll manufacturing services to the design and production of their own line of materials processing machinery. CMC’s comprehensive line of process equipment can be customized to fit customers’ specific needs and product requirements.

As a part of its comprehensive processing services, CMC offers custom manufacturing customers the unique opportunity to view the wet milling/mixing process in our Customer Service Demonstration Lab. The laboratory, located in the company’s state-of-the-art Technology Center, provides customers the ability to evaluate their product formulations prior to retaining CMC’s manufacturing services. Quality analysis testing and equipment in the Customer Demonstration Laboratory will ensure the viability of a requested process on specific materials, produce small laboratory samples of finished products, and establish parameters for potential scale-up.

CMC also regularly utilizes the laboratory to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of their materials processing machinery when custom-tailoring it to equipment customers’ specifications.

Toll manufacturing customers can take advantage of particle size testing and color matching capabilities of the analysis lab, and receive detailed lab reports and documentation on which to make their final decisions regarding processing orders.

As both a custom manufacturing/toll milling service provider and a materials process equipment manufacturer, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. has grown to be an essential resource for the satisfaction of its customers’ materials-processing needs.