Companies that are in the business of processing chemicals for mass production, such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemistry, automotive, or cosmetics will enlist the services of another company to mass produce the materials for them. Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC) is a custom chemical manufacturing company and has a wide range of services available to their customers.

Processing chemicals involves mixing and blending them together to form a second product and breaking down the particles to increase the durability and quality of the materials. To manufacture chemicals takes special equipment; horizontal grinding mills, media mills, high shear dispersers, and mixers.

Services offered:

  • Formulation development
  • Flexibility in production level based on demand
  • Acquisition of raw materials
  • Testing on every batch
  • Analysis results
  • Inventory management of customers raw materials
  • Packaging and Labeling in customer specified containers
  • Documentation of entire process for ISO requirements
  • Ability to ship to customer or the end user

Why companies chose to outsource production?

One of the main reasons companies will enlist the services of a company like CMC is to reduce the cost of production.  New and used milling machinery takes a large investment of money that companies do not have at their disposal. It also takes time and money to hire staff and train them to be able to operate the new equipment. Milling machines are large, usually consuming a lot of space that companies do not have.

If your company is using hazardous chemicals in their formulation, they will have to get the right certification to be able to handle the materials. They will also need to instill a set of safety regulations throughout the whole company. Custom chemical manufacturing companies have all the certifications acquired and fully trained staff.

CMC technicians have the experience and training to handle hazardous materials and safety requirements when operating the equipment. They have years of knowledge that allows them to trouble shoot any glitches in the production to be up and running in minimal time. Our on staff chemist can assist with any formulation development to ensure a quality end result. If any formulation questions arise, our on staff chemist can address them so that the desired result is achieved.

Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. is located in Fleetwood, PA and is privately owned and operated. We continue to grow and believe in “we make our customer successful, our success will follow”. Contact us to speak to a representative about your custom chemical manufacturing needs at