Around the globe companies are producing products like paints, agrochemicals, adhesives and pharmaceuticals. To process and manufacture these products take specialized machinery that can take a liquid or slurry and break down particles and increase dispersion.  Many companies do not have the capital to invest in equipment or the space for a large machine, which is when they look for a contract processing company. It is also referred to as custom processing, contract manufacturing, or toll milling, involves a fee-for-service agreement.

The pharmaceutical industry is competitive and is constantly changing, developing new formulas, and growing.

It takes a lot of money and time to create a drug that is available to the public through over the counter or prescription. For every one drug that makes it to market there are about a hundred that do not. Companies will outsource the manufacturing of the product to a company like Custom Milling & Consulting who specializes in contract processing of pharmaceuticals.

Custom Milling & Consulting manufactures milling machines for a wide range of industries and has toll milling services available. Located in Fleetwood, PA with more than 36,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, we are able to accommodate your production level. We specialize in particle size reduction, formulation development, agglomeration, filtration, and emulsification. Our technicians have experience working with different materials of various viscosity and have years of knowledge.

Benefits to contract processing:

  • Ability to adjust production levels quickly
  • Certified in handling hazardous material and safety regulations
  • Machinery can be customized to the customer’s specifications
  • Confidentiality and exclusivity of proprietary formulations
  • Eliminates investment for new equipment or extra employees
  • By-products from the process can preserved for additional revenue
  • Reduction of particle to sub-micron  or nanometer ranges

CMC’s milling machines include batch mills, horizontal mills, planetary mixers, and rotor stators. Each one of these machines can be customized to your specifications to ensure a quality product. Of engineers and lab technicians on staff are available to answer any questions you have about formulation or the process.

Look to Custom Milling & Consulting to partner with in contract processing of pharmaceuticals.

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