Contract Processing of ceramics is also known as, custom processing, toll milling, or contract manufacturing.

It takes special machinery and parts to manufacture ceramics, break down the material, and process it.

Custom Milling & Consulting Inc., (CMC) manufactures machines that are designed for wet milling/grinding and produces products for other companies. Our technicians and engineers have years of experience working with various forms of liquid mediums and slurries. The wet milling process can result in a much finer grind of particle size than can be achieved by dry grinding.

When companies mill ceramics they are milling products that consist of ceramic particles that are suspended in a liquid medium forming a homogenized blend. Specialty inks, glosses, coatings, and paints are needed to manufacture tile, pottery, china, cookware and much more.

What makes a ceramic based product different from other products is that when it is heated or baked it is able to with stand temperatures while still keeping its original form.

To manufacture such products it takes equipment that has parts and materials that can stand up to the abrasive material and not break down. CMC designed the Supermill Plus® a horizontal media mill. The way this machine works is by pumping the liquid into an enclosed chamber that contains disc agitators that agitate the media inside the chamber.

This breaks down the particles by hitting against the material. For processing ceramics the parts and interior of the chamber are made of a durable material known as silicon carbide that is capable of handling very harsh material.

Benefits of contract processing ceramics:

  • No capital investment or startup costs
  • No additional training for new employees
  • Limit liability and risk, manufacture takes it on
  • Do not need to attain additional documents or permits
  • Flexibility in production levels
  • Assistance with formulation development
  • Trained and experience technicians manufacturing your product
  • Less cost than building your own production area

Custom Milling & Consulting can help you drastically reduce cost by taking on the entire manufacturing process with includes; procurement of raw materials, mixing product, inventory management, documentation, packaging and shipping to the end user.

Our lab testing facility is available for formulation development or to run small batches for testing on the market or before you go into a full scale production.

Our facilities are located in Fleetwood, PA and we are here to answer any questions you have, to set up a lab testing or for you to take a tour to see how we operate.

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