Contract processing in the agricultural industry is also known as toll processing, custom manufacturing, and toll milling. It is a service that allows for customers to contract another company to manufacture their product.

Custom Milling & Consulting is a leader in the manufacturing of wet grinding media mills and mixers for deagglommeration and particle size reduction. CMC has the latest technology and equipment that can handle a wide spectrum of raw materials.

The agricultural industry is comprised of many different areas; one of them is agrochemistry, which includes pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizer.

Companies that produce these chemicals may not have access to large equipment or facilities big enough for an in-house production operation. They will create a formulation and on some occasion have lab size equipment to analyze or to run test batches. Once it is ready for full scale production, companies will find a company like CMC to manufacture the product for them.

There are several benefits that companies can take advantage of when they outsource, they include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Trained technicians with experience handling hazardous materials
  • Flexibility in the production schedule
  • Quality control on every batch produced
  • Analysis and documentation of the full procedure
  • Mandatory regulatory permit compliant
  • Inventory of spare parts and maintenance technician on staff so there is no unscheduled down time.

CMC technicians have years of experience in the milling industry and can address issues quickly and efficiently. They can adjust the machines settings to control the speed of the mixing parts or to control the temperature of the medium or “slurry” that is being processed. Each step will be documented for the customer in order for their company to stay ISO compliant.

As regulations on what type of chemicals you can use and how they are used is constantly changing because of regulations.

It becomes costly and difficult for companies to stay compliant. If they have to continuously change chemicals because of regulations changing, chemicals they have in storage could be wasted. Contract processing in the agricultural industry is an effective solution.

Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. will be a partner in every step of the process and help your company succeed and grow. If you are interested in touring the facilities, schedule a lab testing or to discuss our services contact us by calling (610) 926-0984 or email us at