Custom Milling & Consulting has more than 25 years of experience in the wet milling/grinding industry.

We specialize in particle reduction and dispersion and have experience manufacturing chemicals, inks, paints, pastes, and more. Dye is a substance that’s used for altering the color of something, usually permanently.

Contract processing of dyes is an area that continues to grow as companies who create formulas for dyes look to find more efficient and cost effective solutions. This process is also referred to as custom manufacturing, toll processing, and contract manufacturing.

There are two types of dyes:

  • Natural dyes – pigments are from nature and occur naturally.
  • Synthetic dyes – are created in a lab and usually a result of a chemical makeup or compound.

People use products every day that contain dyes from paper, to fabrics, food colorants, cosmetics and much more. The pigment used in dyes to create the spectrum of colors starts out as a dry powder product and is added to a liquid. To create these dyes take a process of breaking down particle size and mixing pigments in with wet materials to create a final product.

When manufacturing dyes companies look for machinery and equipment that can reduce particle down to submicron levels so that the end result is a smooth quality product. To achieve this takes special machinery that can take a large amount of capital and consume a lot of space. Many companies do not have the money to invest in equipment or the facilities big enough to house a machine that can meet their production needs. That is when they turn to companies like CMC to produce their product.

CMC will provide a turnkey solution for companies in need of contract processing of dyes. They will provide the following services:

  • Procurement of raw materials
  • Production of the companies formula
  • Testing and analysis of every batch
  • Inventory Management
  • Packaging in company specified containers
  • Labeling of product
  • Shipment to the end user
  • Documentation of the entire process

We offer companies the chance to bring their formulation and materials to our lab testing facility. Here they can a test batch in order to try out our machinery and adjust any step in the processing. Our technicians will run a test analysis on the batch to ensure quality and accuracy.

Contact us to tour our facilities and to secure a spot on our lab schedule.