Contract Processing is an agreement that is entered into by two companies to process raw materials, semi-finished products, or finished products for a customer in exchange for a fee or “toll”. The wet milling industry may refer to it as toll processing, custom manufacturing, or custom processing.

The advantages are cost reduction, and getting product to market quicker. Contract processing of colorants is just on area of wet milling that Custom Milling & Consulting specializes in.

Companies that produce colorant products like paints, ink or coatings face many challenges when processing materials, like costly equipment, labor and energy, the need for smaller particle sizes, space availability, and operating cost for a large scale production. CMC is a global leader in dispersion technology and manufactures their own line of equipment like basket mills, planetary mixers, horizontal media mills, and other equipment for blending, mixing, and particle size reduction. We offer a complete turnkey solution for companies that want to produce their product while increasing efficiency.

CMC’s contract processing of colorants includes:

  • Printing, textile  and security inks
  • Pigments concentrates
  • Paper dyes and pigments
  • Cosmetic colorants and dispersion
  • Water based, solvent oil based and oil-soluble dyes
  • Mulch and landscape colorants
  • Pharmaceuticals colorants
  • Paints, inks and coatings
  • Film coatings
  • Inkjet dispersions
  • Specialty & custom colorants and dyes

The small particles size that many of these products require cannot be achieved by traditional mills, but the cost of setting up you own in-house production can be prohibitive. Small wet milling and mixing installations even need to have premix equipment, tanks, mixers, pumps, and more.

Customers turn to us to manufacture their product with our specially designed and modified milling equipment, to increase output and to create small batches to test on the market before going into a full scale production.

Custom Milling & Consulting will be a reliable partner for contract processing of colorants. We are a leading contract processor that is experience in a vast array of industries; our services extend to eliminating particle agglomeration or reducing particles size of raw materials in a liquid medium.

Our technicians and engineers on staff and assist you with technical questions, and help to reformulate a composition that is passing testing. We will test every batch we produce, and package the product according to the container requirements.

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