Since the opening of their doors in 2002 Custom Milling & Consulting has been leading the way in particle size reduction and dispersion.

We specialize in wet milling/grinding for many industries all around the globe. One area that has grown and expanded over the last several years is Contract Processing of Chemicals.

Contract processing is when a company has a product that they need to produce and manufacture on a large scale but do not have the capability to do it in house, so they outsource the process to a manufacturer. It is also referred to as custom manufacturing, contract manufacturing, or toll processing.

In the chemical industry Polymers and Plastics make up 80% of the industry. Things are constantly changing, new formulas being created to make products last long or to be more durable or safety & health code regulation have been altered. It has become increasingly competitive over the last several decades due to new processing techniques, advances in technology, new regulations and much more. Companies seek out ways to keep up with the industry while still keeping cost down.

CMC has the machinery, equipment, staff, and years of experience and want to partner with companies to fulfill their processing needs. Our experience in contract processing chemicals extends to grinding, milling, micronization, emulsification, agglomeration, and particle size reduction.

 The following equipment is available in our milling facility.

The chemical industry can greatly benefit from outsourcing the manufacturing of their products. Contract manufactures have the ability to produce products at a reduced rate because they have partnered with suppliers of raw materials, already have the equipment and machinery needed, trained staff and technicians. They also have the ability to adjust production levels quickly and certifications to handle hazardous materials.

Custom Milling and consulting is full service solution for contract processor of chemicals. Our company will procure the materials, mill and mix the product, provide storage, inventory management, packing in your companies specific containers, and shipment to the end user.

Our facility is comprised of multiple buildings with more than 36,000 sq. ft. of space for manufacturing product and is located in Fleetwood, PA. Within the facility there is a milling production, lab/pilot testing areas, inventory and storage of spare parts for all our machines, and a machine assembly area as well. CMC not only offers contract processing for chemicals but manufactures machines for the wet milling industry.

To set up a tour of our company or to test your product on our machines contact us at