The automotive industry is comprised a several different areas from manufacturing parts and automobiles, from processing the paints and coatings, and the liquids that are formulated for engines. Many car companies like to use different paint, coatings and material designed specifically for their company. To manufacture those products takes time, money and several different kinds of resources.

Custom Milling & Consulting has years of experience in manufacturing materials of a liquid medium or slurry.

They manufacture milling machinery and provide what is known as custom manufacturing, toll processing or contract processing to the automotive industry. CMC provides a turnkey operation to companies that need to manufacture a product for mass production while providing cost effective solutions.

The automotive industry uses a wide range of wet materials in order to manufacture cars so they run and to make them visually appealing to the consumer. A range of machinery is needed to manufacture the material from basket mils, horizontal mills, planetary mixers, and ram presses.

CMC technicians are trained to handle a range of materials and to understand the products they are milling. They have been trained to understand differences in viscosities and how to adjust the setting of the equipment to produce quality product. Wet milling equipment is specially designed to achieve sub-micron particle size reduction and dispersion.

Benefits of contract process for automotive industry

  • Predictable set manufacturing costs
  • No need to hire and train staff to operate the machinery
  • No need to acquire additional permits or certifications
  • Specialty manufacturing processes
  • Quicker turnaround time form formulation development to market
  • State of the art equipment and analytical capabilities
  • Non-disclosure agreement between both parties
  • Quality standard applied to every batch produced
  • Full process documented to satisfy ISO requirements

CMC also provides state-of-the-art technology in the lab testing facilities.

The lab technician can assist with formulation development and troubleshooting any difficulties during the milling process. The lab is available for testing out new products before taking it into a full scale manufacturing.

Contact us to get on the lab schedule and to out the facilities.