In the milling industry there are two types; wet milling/grinding and dry milling/grinding.

Both processes take materials and breaking them down to reduce particle size in order to be manufactured with other products or the final product. Dry grinding is a more cost effective solution but cannot achieve the sub-micron particles that wet milling are able to achieve. As more advances in technology are being introduced to the industry the more in demand wet milling is becoming because of all its advantages.

This wet milling process can be expensive and costly for most companies, that is why Custom Milling & Consulting offers contract manufacturing solutions. Taking a liquid material or “slurry” takes a specific kind of equipment that can produce a mixture or homogenized blend. CMC has been producing products and providing services to a wide range of industries, including; paints, inks, chemical, agriculture, electronics, pharmaceuticals and more since our conception in 1998.

Outsourcing the manufacturing to another company can be cost effective and offer your company the freedom to concentrate on other areas like new formulations or expanding your customer base.

A major benefit is that it is cost effective solution compared to manufacturing in-house. Many companies do not have the capital to invest in having their own equipment in house or the space to accommodate the machine. CMC manufactures a line of machines that includes but not limited to, batch mills, horizontal media mills, planetary mixers, and in-line rotor stators.

The milling facility houses several machines running at the same time allowing for multiple products to be produced at once increasing output.

More Contract Manufacturing solutions:

  • Fully trained staff of technicians operating the machinery
  • Hazardous material certifications and safety certifications
  • Ability to adjust production levels
  • Better consistency and uniformity of product
  • Quality control standard and testing on every batch
  • Analysis reports on every batch provided
  • Quick turnaround time between placement of order to market
  • Procurement of raw material
  • Storage and inventory management
  • Packing in your company specified containers and shipment to the end user

All these contract processing solutions are available to companies and CMC has more to offer than most of the other milling companies. Our 36,000 sq. ft. facility has several areas; the milling area, equipment manufacturing, lab testing facilities, warehouse area of spare parts, and main offices.

Contact us to be put on the lab schedule for testing in state of the art laboratory. We will run the product with our equipment and adjust the setting and formulation before full scale production.