Contract Manufacturers, also known as toll manufactures, custom processors, or toll millers are companies that will manufacture a product for another company based on the formulation and specifications provided.

Milling and processing services are used when a particle size reduction needs to be done. There are two methods that can be used to achieve this dry milling and wet milling. Dry milling can cost less but you will not see the finer particles that the wet milling process is capable of achieving.

While wet milling is more costly and complex process, with expensive equipment, increased labor and energy, and more steps in the process than compared to dry grinding. Advantage to wet milling is a better quality product and it can possibly produce Byproducts that can possibly generate extra income.

Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. is leading the way with innovation in the wet milling industry. We are experts in particle size reduction, dispersion equipment and have worked with various liquid mediums and slurries. Our staff of engineers, technicians, and manufactures has more than 25 years of experience. CMC is a contract manufacturer that offers companies services beyond what other toll processing companies do. The different types of milling machinery in our plant are, batch mills, horizontal media mills, mixers, and ram presses. Each piece of equipment is designed and built by CMC engineers and technicians.

The following is the step by step process we provide our customers:

  1. Procurement of raw material
  2. Mixing of product
  3. Analysis of product to ensure quality
  4. Inventory management
  5. Storage of product
  6. Packaging and shipping of product to end user
  7. Documentation of the whole process for your records.

Many companies choose to contract out the entire process for many reasons that include but are not limited to space restrictions, less costly than producing in house, the manufacture will take on the risk and liability and no additional staff. Companies do not have to engage in every step of the process if they do not want to; CMC will adjust to your needs.

When your company is ready to set up their own in-house production CMC will help you with the transition.

Our engineers and technicians will work your company to manufacture a machine that is capable of producing quality product. Our service technicians will be available for the installation and setup.

If you are interested in discussing contract manufacture agreements then contact us to speak to a representative by calling (610) 926-0984 or email us at

We want to be your partner in business and assist you in growing and expanding your company.