With more than 25 years of experience Custom Milling & Consulting (CMC) has taken their knowledge and expertise to manufacture wet milling/grinding machinery and features  a line of batch milling machines that are also known as basket mills. Our engineers have taken time to design a machine that is easy to use, durable, and can increase production.

Milling and mixing machinery has been around since the early 1800’s and has evolved and changed over time. With current technology milling machines can take a liquid or slurry and break down particles to sub-micron levels. The batch mill has revolutionized the paint, ink and pigment industries by providing companies the ability to change over between batches quickly increasing production.

A batch milling machine is designed with two shafts that can spin at the same rate or independently from one another. At the end of one is a propeller that pushes the liquid towards the other shaft that has a basket on the end filled with media or balls. Within that basket is a piece that has several pegs on it that agitates the media. This process will break down the particles with in the material while blending and mixing all at the same time.

Features of the batch mill:

  • Heavy duty lift and bridge with chemical resistant epoxy coating
  • Large sealed-for-life bearings for maintenance free operation
  • All stainless steel wetted parts (Ceramic, urethane, and plastic available)
  • Inverted CMC wedge wire basket in a variety of slot openings
  • Air-over-oil lift system provides easy transition between batches
  • Water manifold to control cooling water flow to jacketed mix tanks
  • PLC controlled operator interface with remote monitoring capability

In addition to being a manufacture of wet milling machinery CMC provides toll milling services for companies that want to increase production. We keep an inventory of spare parts for our milling machinery on-site and for our customers as well.

Our experience in the industry has provided us with in-sight and understanding of how having a piece of equipment down can affect production levels. When you order parts, depending on the part, there is minimal turnaround time from placing the order to shipping, so that you can expect them quickly. If you are down for an extended period of time you can enlist our services to manufacture the product for you until you are up and running.

Our engineers and technicians are available to answer any questions you have before and after installation of the machine. We can help you to troubleshoot any problem you may experience over the phone or if need be in person by sending out a technician.

If you would like more information about our company and services please contact us today at sales@cmcmilling.com.