Milling equipment has been around since the early 1800’s, back then companies had mills that could mix, blend and break down the materials. The wet milling process, depending on the material and viscosity of it, would take up to several machines to achieve the desired results.

One machine to blend the liquids, another to breakdown the particles, if there were any dry product that needed to be added to the mix that would involve another step in the process and be very time consuming. Machines would run for days around the clock in order to manufacture the product.

Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. took their years of experience in the milling industry and manufactured a batch mill. Invention of the batch mill and its parts revolutionized the milling industry, especially for companies that would have to process different products, one right after another. The design and features of this machine allows for rapid change over between products and the ability to mix different materials together while breaking down particle and increasing dispersion.

The basket at the end of the mixing shaft contains grinding pins that circulate the media inside of the screen, while the liquid passes through the slits of the screen.

As the media is agitated it grinds the particles down to smaller sizes. A vortex and centrifugal force is created around the basket of the shaft while the pins rotates and another shaft with an impeller is rotating outside of the basket. Both shafts can be set to circulate at the same speed or separate depending on the desired result or the viscosity of the material.

Stainless steel parts and mixing tank make it easy to clean; you simply need to lower the basket and mixing blade into a solvent tank, spin and lift. In little time you are ready for the next batch of material to be processed. Industries that have greatly benefited from the batch mill are;

  • Inks
  • Dyes
  • Coatings
  • Pigments
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food

To increase proficiency and cut down on time Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. has designed the SMART package that can be integrated with your machine. This system allows you to enter a few basic processing ranges using the touchscreen. Sensors monitoring motor loading and product temperature will make adjustments every second to maintain the optimum operating conditions.

The batch mill and parts are designed to be long lasting and durable; that means minimal costs for repairs. CMC has a warehouse full of spare parts on site in order to get our customers up and running. Screens, media, tanks and blades are available, we can provide you with what you need and have it shipped to your company right away.

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